Ace In The Hole Golf: Teaching the Game
Professional Lessons by Tim Hofstetter
Corpus Christi, TX   (361) 510-4053


Individual Lessons

Group Lessons (2-5 students)

Clinics (specially tailored 6 students and up)

Instruction: Overall swing and /or Specific elements

(i.e., driving, chipping, putting, etc.)

Video Analysis Lesson

What Can Be Expected
Initial and Progress Assessments
Goal setting

Practice Plan




Location of Lessons

Lessons are taught at most public golf venues, ranges at Cimarron,            
abe Lazono, and Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. Lessons are also taught
at the Golf Shop on Nile.


Clinics can be conducted upon request at other locations with ample space, i.e., churches, schools.


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“Tim Hofstetter is a fabulous golf teacher and coach. He recently started teaching golf to my wife and 8 year old daughter, neither of which, played golf before. His approach to teaching is simple, making it easy to understand and retain. Tim uses a variety of teaching aids to help craft a repetitive golf swing and is very positive in providing feedback on how things are developing. In a very short time both my wife and daughter were hitting the ball well and they couldn’t wait to get back to the range for more practice and lessons. We are now enjoying golf as a family, a dream come true for us.... Tim is the best golf teacher I have ever been associated with and I have been playing golf for 40 years. I recommend Tim Hofstetter to anyone who wants to learn the game or improve in how they play the game.”    Kevin Haws, parent and Captain U.S. Navy (Retired)


“Tim Hofstetter (Coach) has been teaching my two boys, Kavan (10 yrs old) and Skyler (6 yrs old) Eubnak for approximately 5 years. During this time he has provided outstanding training and mentorship. His calm and patience have allowed my boys to grow in golf and maintain their interest-something that is difficult in today’s hectic society. His on course instruction and playful demeanor have inspired my boys to become professional golfers and have matured then beyond their years. Their successes both on and off the course will be testament to his fine character and training abilities. The golf lessons Coach Hofstetter taught to my boys will last a lifetime-he is true professional and great friend. He inspires greatness and motivates his students through positive life lessons with an optimistic attitude. I highly recommend Mr. Hofstetter as a golf coach for any child or adult at any skill level.” Gerry Eubank, Parent and Master Chief U.S. Navy (Retired)

“ I played golf for 20 years and then had to quit because it caused such terrible pain in my right scapula area. At that time, I was carrying a 15 handicap but not feeling good about how to hit the ball well. That prompted me to take lessons from 7 different instructors over that time frame, but still really not sure how to improve my swing and contact with the ball. Ten years later I decided to try to play golf again and was referred to Tim by a golf course manager. Tim is the most patient, positive and knowledgeable coach/teacher I've ever been exposed to for anything. He knows how to convey in simple language the "how to" of hitting a golf ball well. He also can see what is wrong when you swing and helps break it down in simple changes to help you feel the correct swing. Results are amazing! I have learned far more from Tim in a month of lessons than from all those 7 instructors spread out over 20 years. For the first time in my life, I have complete confidence that I will be able to swing a club properly and be able to enjoy the game of golf more than at any other time. That is completely due to Tim's excellent teaching skills and deep knowledge of the right way to hit the ball. If you want to play better golf or want to learn how to play it, Tim is the instructor for you. He comes highly recommended for good reason. And the pain ? When you learn how to swing correctly it will cause no pain because you aren't fighting or stressing your own body anymore.”  Ken Ackerman, Portland, Texas







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