Ace In The Hole Golf: Teaching the Game
Professional Lessons by Tim Hofstetter
Corpus Christi, TX   (361) 510-4053


Individual Lessons

Group Lessons (2-5 students)

Clinics (specially tailored 6 students and up)

Instruction: Overall swing and /or Specific elements

(i.e., driving, chipping, putting, etc.)

Video Analysis Lesson

What Can Be Expected
Initial and Progress Assessments
Goal setting

Practice Plan




Location of Lessons

Lessons are taught at most public golf venues, ranges at Cimarron,            
abe Lazono, and Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. Lessons are also taught
at the Golf Shop on Nile.


Clinics can be conducted upon request at other locations with ample space, i.e., churches, schools.


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Tim holds a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters degree in Leisure Services from Florida State University. Played collegiate golf and is an experienced high school teacher and sports coach (football, baseball, and golf), and has over 35 years senior level experience in Recreation Program Management. He earned his professional golf teaching certification in 2001 with the United States GolF Teachers Federation (USGTF). Tim has been recognized by the World Golf Teachers Federation as a Top 100 Golf Teachers Worldwide 2010-2017.


As an experienced golf teaching professional Tim delivers individual, group lessons, and clinics for all age groups and skill levels and for both men and women. He specializes in youth golf instruction and has had tremendous success in developing Youth into talented golfers.


Tim’s teaching philosophy is simple; make it easy to understand, enjoyable, and fun.

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